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Debt Settlement Company

About Us

About Us

USAvsDEBT-Holdings, LLC. is the Nation’s Premier Debt Settlement Company with over 25+ years of experience. We have successfully helped families and individuals like you overcome the heavy burden of Debt.

Debt Settlement

USAvsDEBT-Holdings, LLC. can provide you a FREE CONSULTATION to help you resolve your debt in *24-48 easy payments.
* Results vary

We are committed towards helping Americans who struggle with paying off their Debt Settlement and who are stuck in the minimum monthly trap. Our carefully designed process helps consumers to resolve their UNWANTED DEBTS such as DEPARTMENT STORE CARDS, CREDIT CARDS, MEDICAL BILLS and PERSONAL LOANS that do not have liens against them in an aggressive, cost effective and timely manner via Debt Restructuring also known as Debt Settlement.

        Here’s what USA VS DEBT can do for you:

• Settle your debts for 40% -45% of what you owe in most cases

• Lower your monthly payments

• Settle your debt in 36 months or less

• You choose a payment that fits YOUR budget; not the creditors

    All of our consultations are free of charge and you are under no obligation for a free analysis.

    As you are aware, this is a time-sensitive issue and the interest on your debt compounds daily.

   Please contact USAvsDEBT today at 800.648.5771 to discuss any questions or concerns you may have to resolve your Debt Settlement.

Our Team

Our Team

We are energetic and compassionate individuals who are passionate about helping consumers with Debt Relief and we bring a different approach to our service by helping you actually budget. We offer a FREE service to SHOP YOUR CURRENT UTILITY BILLS to see where we can save your money with the Goal of CREATING EXTRA CASH FLOW for you and your family.
Our team specializes in Debt Settlement and has successfully negotiated settlements with thousands of creditors and collection accounts saving our consumers money on unnecessary interest payments.
Our expertise combined with proven results and an impeccable track record, makes us the preferred partner for customers looking to end the debt-cycle with least possible cost.

We provide a customized consultation program that educates the consumer and we work towards an appropriate solution for, and with, you. Our Goal is to get you out of Debt in the quickest way possible so you can enjoy your hard earned money and make it work for you.

Our Expertise

We have successfully settled millions of dollars in debt for our customers across multiple states. Leveraging on our 25+ years of experience in the credit counselling industry and success cases, we welcome you to apply for our services to see how we can assist you with your unsecure debts.

Customer Core

Our Customers are our priority. We are always striving to improve our customer relationships and strive to provide an excellent, caring customer experience. We understand each and every customer’s pain threshold and offer customized programs that help you get out of what seems to be the never ending debt cycle. We are consumers too and want to treat you like we want to be treated. Your privacy is our policy. We offer a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE so you can see for yourself how we can help you resolve your debt on a payment plan that YOU CHOOSE; not that your Creditors choose for you.

Types of Loans

We help you with all types of ‘Unsecured Debts’ that do not have a collateral serving as a payment for Debt. These may include:

Credit cards Debts

Department store cards Debt

Medical bills Debt

Personal loans that do not have liens against them


USAvsDEBT-Holdings, LLC. Serves consumers across multiple states in the USA.

The 2017 study represents the most comprehensive, forensic analysis of its kind, and documents the economic benefit consumers received as a result of their participation in debt settlement programs over the past decade. The study revealed several positive findings for consumers seeking relief from the burden of credit card debt.

Most notable among the findings are that consumers are receiving financial benefit in the form of debt reduction resulting from regulations imposed on the debt settlement industry through the Revised Telemarketing Sales Rule in October of 2010 by the Federal Trade Commission and The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. For consumers struggling with unsecured debt, the data clearly shows that debt settlement offers significant advantages compared to other options. Key takeaways include:

  • Debt settlement on average saves consumers $2.64 for every $1 in fees paid
  • More than 95% of debt settlement clients receive savings in excess of fees
  • Most consumers see initial account settlements within 4-6 months of program start
  • Debt settlement clients pay no fees until settlements are completed

*Source: Robby H. Birnbaum, Esq. Greenspoon Marder, LLP



To provide financial and spiritual freedom suited to your long term goals. We provide debt reduction thus enabling our client's peace of mind.


To be a leader in business that exemplifies the principles of God and encourage our citizens of the United States to implement these same principles.

Principles such as: Workmanship, Servant hood, Stewardship, Values, Ethics, Integrity, Vision, Planning.


To see the world restored, saved, united, passionately possessing a Kingdom view and becoming a force of change for this world.