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How to go cashless without getting penniless?

By USAvsDEBT - 19 April, 2018

With multiple debit and credit cards, you move around with considerable purchasing power. Then why not go cashless? Of course, you can easily survive without touching paper money or coins. You only need to rely on plastic cards, online payments, order through apps, and so on.

Here we tell you how.

Credit or debit card

The most reliable and easiest medium to become a cashless person is credit or debit card. With these cards, you can make all the payments, offline as well as online. Almost all stores accept payment through plastic cards, and with one swipe, you can pay your bills without any risk of payment fault.

Mobile wallets
Mobile wallets are another convenient way to go cashless. Paypal is the most successful names in e-wallets or mobile wallets. Most stores and merchants accept payments through mobile wallets, and it is very convenient to use. You only need to transfer the required amount of money in your e-wallet. So, instead of carrying paper money, you can always have sufficient balance in your mobile wallet. In addition, transferring money to e-wallet only take a few steps.

Online shopping

You tend to need cash when you go shopping on the streets or malls. On the other hand, online shopping is not just convenient, but definitely a smart way to go cashless. There are plenty of online stores who offer everything from grocery, apparels, footwear to every day usable items. In fact, several times, you can grab items in a discounted rate. For household items, you can purchase all items from Amazon, Whole Foods, or Target.

Gift cards

You may have received gift cards with a pre-loaded amount a long time ago. Collect all of them and start using. Though they contain a fixed amount, you can always use them like debit and credit cards. Many stores are pleased to offer their gift cards to customers. Besides, if you are loyal to a particular store or brand, they will be happy to offer you their one such card which you can use for your personal needs.

Bill payments

Every new month starts with plenty of bills including rent, electricity, water, insurance, credit card and so on. It won’t take much time to pay all your bills through online payment. Use net banking to pay as many bills as you can. Transfer the amount directly from your bank account and you are done with your bills. It is one of the easiest and secure modes of carrying out multiple transactions.

How to avoid getting penniless?

Plastic cards are tempting to use and they don’t give you a sense of overspending because you’re not spending real cash. The ease-of-use and convenience of Credit Cards and Debit cards can cause you overspend and develop Debt. Similar is the case with net banking and e-wallets. You need to make sure you don’t overspend. It’s important you keep a track of your expenses. It’s a good practice to allocate budget for your monthly expenses and strictly follow that budget. If you think you need an expensive thing next month, save for it right now and make sure you keep your average budget for the year in place, until your next appraisal at least.

Moreover, online payments and plastic cards usage comes with a lot of added benefits. You get credits, discounts and numerous deals every day. Moreover, don’t underestimate the power of cashbacks. If done wisely, going cashless can actually save you a lot of money instead of making you penniless.

Going cashless doesn’t guarantee that you will never need cash. There are times when you still might need it. However, for the major part, you can go cashless with carrying meager cash with yourself. It’s not just good for your financial health, but good for your nation’s economy too. So throw your fears of going cashless out of the window and start reaping the benefits instead.

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