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Life is too short to worry about debt. Here’s how to become debt-free?

By USAvsDEBT - 19 April, 2018

Pay off your debt first. Freedom from debt is worth more than any amount you can earn. – Mark Cuban

Debts are overwhelming, especially when bills won’t stop. Be it student loans, credit card bills, car payments or any other kind of debt, you owe money.

Do you have unsettled debt? If yes, it must be causing you extra stress.

But remember, once you decide to pay off debt; it is much easier than what you think. The key is right plan of action.

Here are some tips to go debt-free.

Let USAvsDEBT Negotiate your creditors

You may laugh off this idea, but you will be surprised to know that many creditors are willing to reduce your interest rate. Of course, their willingness chiefly depends on your payment history and account standing. If you have maintained a good relationship with them, you may qualify for a lower interest rate. It can help you save some extra money on interest payments as you pay down the debt amount.

Use your savings

Don’t hesitate to use a portion of your savings to pay down your debts, especially high-interest ones. Using cash reserve to repay debt is a smart move as it will stop accruing interest on large balances. The cash balance in your bank account may feel comforting, but employing them to pay off debt is the wisest step you can take especially if you are not earning 19% interest on your savings and your creditors are charging you this amount in most cases. Let USAvsDEBT help you get on the right track and free up cash flow once your debts are resolved.


Make a budget and stick to it
When you are in debt, you can’t think of overspending or extravagance. Track down your income – what is coming and what is spending. List all sources of your income – salary, savings, investments, property, benefits, pensions, etc. Make another list of essential bills – utility, rent, mortgage, grocery, commute expenses, etc. Add everything you pay out – phone bills, cable bills, holidays, car tax, and insurance among others. Check out every outgoing and see for those you can cut out or switch for better deals. Sticking to a budget will make sure that at least you don’t build more debt.

Sell items
From clothes, sports shoes, to electric appliances, there must be zillions of things in your home you don’t need anymore. Sell them on eBay, Craigslist or other online portals. It will leverage some extra cash you can use to lighten your debt load.

Some Facts:

    • Debt settlement on average saves consumers $2.64 for every $1 in fees paid.
    • More than 95% of debt settlement clients receive savings in excess of fees.
    • Most consumers see initial account settlements within 4-6 months of program start.
    • Debt settlement clients pay no fees until settlements are completed.

*source Robby H. Birnbaum, Esq.
Greenspoon Marder, LLP

Get help our debt settlement service
Even after following these steps, you are struggling to pay off your debts; it is time to call for some help. USAvsDEBT-Holdings, LLC. is committed towards helping people to pay off their debts. We offer carefully designed process with which you can resolve your unsettled debts like credit cards, medical bills, personal loans, department store cards. Most consumers see initial account settlements within 4-6 months of program start. Besides debt settlement, clients pay no fees until settlements are completed with your approval.
If you’ve surpassed your limits and have outstanding debt to settle, we can help you. Contact us today at 800-648-5771 to hear about your options to resolve your unwanted Debt.