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By admin - 9 April, 2018

Are YOU overwhelmed with CREDIT CARD DEBT?

USAvsDEBT can help you resolve your unwanted Debts via our Debt Settlement program. We help consumers like you settle their debt for approximately *40-45% of what you owe! The best part of our program is that you choose your own payment plan that fits your budget to get rid of your Debts in as little as*24-48 easy payments not years!

USAvsDEBT has developed an excellent Debt Settlement program to resolve your Debt in the shortest time possible while putting more money in your pocket each month and set you free from stress. Many Debt Consolidation loan programs available today do not decrease the amount of Debt you need to pay off; they simply combine your current balances into one large new loan usually at a higher interest rate due to your Debt- to- Income ratio being out of line. You may not qualify for a loan for this reason.

With our Debt Settlement program any type of Credit is allowed. There is no Credit check. This program will resolve the amount of Debt you owe in an aggressive manner, expediting your payoff time and Debt loads and may even improve your Debt- to- Income ratio which is 30% of your credit profile.

As an added value to our customers, we will even SHOP YOUR CURRENT BILLS – Wireless, Energy, Television, High-Speed Internet + Voice, Home Security & Automation to see if we can save you money there too! Ask us about this FREE service. We find the best deals on the services you can’t live without! Budget Sheet Worksheet Do you want to see what we can do for you? Call us at 800-648-5771 (CLICK TO CALL) or e-mail us at to find out NOW what we can save you!

In addition, we do not collect a fee unless we settle your debt and you are notified so we can obtain your approval. We offer *24, 36 and 48 month options available to fit your budget.

Our Debt Settlement program takes your existing amount of Debt and consolidates it into one monthly payment that you choose. You then pay the debt at the settled amount through our program. We set up the account and you can enroll online after your FREE CONSULTATION. This payment you are now making is paid into a dedicated account set up at an FDIC bank under your name and your social security number. This is your account and you have access to it at all times. The purpose of this account is to accumulate funds and then pay the Debt at the settled amount including our fees with your approval. No other monies are due. USAvsDEBT settles your outstanding Debt for approximately 40-45 cents on the dollar. The service fee is 25% of the Debt enrolled and collected only after your Debts are settled with your approval.

You simply make your new monthly payment and focus on work or retirement. Let USAvsDEBT handle the negotiations.

You can get out of Debt in *24-48 payments on this program vs. *24-48 years on your own in most cases. What are you waiting for?

Another benefit of our program is budgeting. We go over your monthly income and expenses to set you up on a monthly payment plan that genuinely fits your budget, not the creditor’s budget to pay the debt at the settled amount and fees and get this deal done. Your peace of mind is important to us. This means USAvsDEBT can settle your debt and you can keep your hard earned money.

*Certain restrictions apply and results vary
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